Logica is a young and dynamic brand with a decade of solid experience. It quickly, effectively and efficiently solves every step in the process of organising company headquarters and commercial sales outlets all over the world: from logistics to the procurement of materials and equipment, through to the disposal of waste and completion of works. Logica is your one-stop provider of everything you need to make a process involving a variety of different professional skills simple, structured and linear.Why waste time and resources monitoring the work of lots of different suppliers? That’s what we do: this is Logica!


The materials, equipment and machinery you need can be delivered wherever you want, thanks to vehicles equipped to cope with heavy weights, outsize items, particular fragility or diffi cult access (pedestrian areas or limited traffic zones).

A fleet of specially equipped vehicles can be made quickly available to complete delivery to destination. No emergency is too great for Logica, even when it comes to hot shot deliveries, which we handle promptly and quickly, offering the most streamlined service.

What do we deliver? Everything you need for your construction and installation activities: building materials, light fittings, flooring, finishes and decorations.

The last mile, hot shot deliveries, extreme situations: we take care of all your transportation requirements!


We will find you the most suitable warehouses and storage areas in the nearest or most strategically suitable location,enabling you to reach construction sites and installations quickly and without difficulty.We organise complete or split deliveries, to meet your procurement requirements in terms of materials, equipment and vehicles.

What you need, when your need it and where you need it!


Our head office and partners at our various international office make it possible to handle every procedure,reducing waiting times to an absolute minimum and speeding up and streamlining the fl ow of customs operations, thanks to constant contact with the operators.

Red tape, documents and procedures: no fear, it’s all part of our customary service!

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